As soon as done, we’ll need your guarantor to accomplish their area of the application.

They could do that immediately so they can do this in their own time with you, or you can send them a link.

Your guarantor could need to make any re payments to the mortgage which you don’t, therefore we’ll question them to perform a spending plan plan too. This is why certain any re re re payments they do occur to make are comfortably affordable.

What’s an or is really a link that is unique built to make your on line application easier. You’ll frequently get these on two occasions (though there is other circumstances too): if a loan broker introduced you to definitely us, or as soon as your guarantor has to complete their very own details. All into your web browser, and you’ll be taken to your application page that you(or your guarantor) need to do is click the link or copy it.

Who makes the payments that are monthly?

We’d constantly anticipate the debtor to help make the monthly premiums and we’ll avoid seeking to the guarantor when we can. Even in the event the account falls into arrears, we’ll take to to come calmly to an arrangement that is alternative the debtor to have things straight right back on course straight.

Only when that isn’t possible and also the account continues to be behind will we have to ask the guarantor to part of, attempting re re payment from them after the account falls behind by 15 times. We’ll just ever ask a guarantor to cover in accordance with their contract plus in the very best passions of this account. This stops any negative side effects of this account remaining behind including the arrears increasing while the loan term stretching.

Guarantors also can make payments towards the account every time they choose, and that can decide to end up being the ‘primary payer’ if they do like to result in the regular monthly obligations on behalf of the debtor.

4 a fast call

We’ll additionally provide your guarantor a call that is quick verify their details and also to organize having to pay the cash. Whenever we can’t validate all of your very own details or you will find any problems, we possibly may must also phone you to definitely finalise the applying. But don’t worry – we’ll get this quick, simple, and stress-free.

Whenever will you phone me personally?

You, we’ll aim to do this within 48 hours of accepting your guarantor if we do need to call. From then on, we’ll only call you if the account is not as much as date or perhaps is susceptible to dropping behind.

Do i must have the ability to talk English?

It’s important over the phone in English that you(and your guarantor) understand the terms of the agreement you’re entering into, which means being able to communicate with us. Then we can’t be completely sure that you understand the responsibilities of taking out an Amigo loan if you can’t do this without a translator. It does not must be your first language nevertheless the very last thing we wish is because you weren’t aware of what you were agreeing to for you or your guarantor to get back in touch in 6 months time.

Final checks – sit right back, relax, let’s do our thing

When everything’s done, we’ll finish our last checks (dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s). We’ll be in contact if there’s anything further we truly need you a text once the loan is paid out from you, or we’ll send. The cash is compensated in to the guarantor’s banking account to allow them to transfer on for your requirements.

Whenever will the mortgage be paid?

We try to spend down every loan in 24 hours or less regarding the guarantor being accepted, and sooner if we could. Several things which could down slow your application are:

  • We call if we’re not able to speak to your guarantor when.
  • The home your guarantor has is either in Scotland or Ireland (our checks on these details usually takes a small longer).
  • You’ve used more than a bank vacation or week-end, in which particular case we’ll process your application right as we’re back at the office.
  • We want one thing away from you like evidence of ID or even a bank declaration.

How do I get my loan faster?

The way that is best to ensure the application passes through efficiently will be merely enter your details since accurately as you possibly can, and also make yes your guarantor is completely up to speed. Leave us to complete the remainder and get back to we’ll you if there’s such a thing we are in need of.

How come the mortgage compensated in to the guarantor’s banking account?

We spend the cash in to the guarantor’s banking account to guard them from fraudulence and also to ensure they understand precisely what’s taking place together with your loan. Your guarantor can do a bank then transfer, supply you with the money or compose you a cheque – whatever works for you personally both.

How do you cancel my application?

Like to cancel the application? Don’t stress, we won’t be offended. In the event your loan hasn’t been paid, just get in contact permitting us understand it there that you’d no longer like to go ahead and we’ll put a stop to. For you later if you change your mind again, we can always resume the application.

You could cancel the application by replying to your of this communications we possibly may already have sent you.

In the event your loan was paid, you’ll need certainly to repay the mortgage including any interest accrued in this time around. When done, the account will be closed.


If there’s such a thing we’ve not covered currently, take a look below.

Have you taken 1p from my account?

In the application, we ‘ear-mark’ a payment of 1p from your own debit card. This doesn’t actually simply take a payment but holds the 1p for the time that is short releasing it.

This allows us to understand your card details are active and assures us you won’t have any problems making your repayments after the loan is given out. We’ll run this check that is quick every 9 months if the loan was paid to make certain your re re payment details continue to be legitimate.

What’s the cooling off duration?

For legal reasons you have got a cooling-off amount of 14 times as soon as your loan has been paid. Within 14 days and return the full loan amount within 30 days, including any interest accrued in this time if you change your mind about the loan, you can just tell us. Once done, your account shall be closed.

Can the loan is changed by me quantity or expand my loan term?

It is possible to replace the loan quantity therefore the loan term at any true point prior to the loan is given out. Just contact us on 01202 629200 (9am-7pm Mon-Thurs; 9am-6pm Fri; 9am-1pm Sat) and we’ll be pleased to assist.

In the event the loan had been given out, you’ll need certainly to repay the prevailing loan or make an application for a top-up to alter the definition of or loan quantity in the event that you become qualified.

Just exactly What do i actually do by having an Amigo PIN?

In the event that you’ve been provided an Amigo PIN in a page, you need to use it to sign in quickly to your Amigo application. See www. to enter your PIN, complete the application and signal your credit contract online.

A loan was got by me authorized page however they don’t live during the target?

In the event that you’ve gotten that loan application for somebody at your address, there’s no have to panic. It is often simply advertising and means some one has pay your address that is own by.

We’ll always verify a customer’s target before spending their loan, so we’ll know they don’t live here ahead of the application goes any more. Our loans also aren’t guaranteed against any property therefore also it wouldn’t go on to affect you if it did get paid out.

In the event that you get a page in your name saying that the loan was given out or perhaps a signature made without your understanding, please call 01202 629 161 instantly (9am-7pm Mon-Thurs; 9am-6pm Fri; 9am-1pm Sat).

I’ve settled my loan. May I use once more?

Yes, it is possible to submit an application for another loan with Amigo Loans in the event that you’ve settled your previous one. You may want to wait five trading days for the last settlement payment to proceed through, and you will then make the job online.

You’ll need to have the exact same checks given that very first loan in order to be sure it is still affordable plus the decision that is best for you personally.