Permanent Residence in Ukraine. Permanent res in Ukraine is known as “posvidka na prozhyvannya”.

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What exactly is residence license in Ukraine?

Permanent res in Ukraine is named “posvidka na prozhyvannya”. It really is a kind of Ukrainian passport, which can be released up to a citizen that is foreign.

Under Ukrainian legislation, all non Ukrainian residents, with all the try to have a home in Ukraine, are obliged to acquire residence license. You need to get yourself a residence that is permanent if you wish to remain in Ukraine for longer than ninety days. Temporary residence license term in Ukraine is as much as three years. The expression for short-term residence license varies according to the bottom. For instance, the word for residence license that has been granted under work license can’t be more than work mepmit term. Residence license may be elongated if there are sufficient grounds.

Ukrainian State immigration provider may be the primary and just authority to designate a residence that is permanent to people. All required documents and permanent residence kind are submitted towards the office that is territorial.

Who are able to make an application for short-term or residence that is permanent in Ukraine?

The next kinds of foreigners and stateless individuals have actually a right to have a residence license:

  • People that do have work license in Ukraine;
  • Boffins and social employees whose immigration corresponds to passions of Ukraine;
  • Qualified professionals and employees, required for Ukraine economy;
  • Foreigners that are founders and/or investors and/or beneficiary owners (controllers) of the appropriate entity registered in Ukraine and would like to get to Ukraine to be able to get a handle on the activities of these appropriate entities;
  • Investors that have made a lot more than 100 000 EURO investment into Ukraine*;
  • Individuals that are a cousin or sister, grandfather or grandmother, or a grandchild of residents of Ukraine;
  • Individuals who possess previously been residents of Ukraine;
  • Moms and fuck marry kill coupon dads, husband (spouse) of immigrants and their small young ones;
  • Those that have resided constantly in Ukraine for 36 months because the refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine, in addition to their moms and dads, husbands (spouses) and children that are minor using them;
  • People whom constantly lived in Ukraine for 36 months through the date of these status of individuals suffering from peoples trafficking;
  • One partner in the event that other partner (who he/she were hitched for over 2 yrs) is just a resident of Ukraine, young ones and parents of residents of Ukraine;
  • Persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine or those who are under trusteeship or guardianship by residents of Ukraine;
  • People that are eligible to citizenship of Ukraine by territorial beginning;
  • Individuals whoever immigration in Ukraine does nationwide interest;
  • International Ukrainian, Ukrainian international spouses, kids in case there is their joint entry and remain in Ukraine.

*note that the purchase of real-estate just isn’t regarded as being an investment that is foreign

Ways to get a residence license in Ukraine?

The way that is easiest to acquire a residence license in Ukraine is through receiving a work permit. It’s very convenient to immigrate to Ukraine for financial tasks. Because in any manner you’ll need an organization for a small business task as well as the exact same time for work authorization getting. You’ll also have to lease or to purchase a homely home or a flat in Ukraine as precise target will become necessary.

Once you can be a permanent resident, you will have you should not submit an application for permanent residence visa. By Ukrainian legislation, there isn’t any permanent resident visa. Think about additionally that business visa to Ukraine just isn’t a ground to acquire a residence license.

Permanent Residence application must include such personal information:

  • Name (inc. First family and title name);
  • Target of residence;
  • Substantiation for permanent Residence application;
  • Two pictures of applicant;
  • Insurance;

Application for permanent residence additionally must include Ukrainian taxpayer recognition quantity (really here is the very first document You should get whenever you should come to Ukraine).

It will have the power of your Ukrainian passport after you will get a permanent resident card. Permanent resident card in Ukraine may be used during home purchase, banking account opening, civil relations, wedding as well as other.

Our solution consist of: assessment, planning of all of the documents that are necessary acquiring of permanent residence in Ukraine.